Financial communication :
international bank of commerce annual report

The setting up of the artistic direction of this annual report is based on a set of very high-resolution shots of a huge painting, property of the International Bank of Commerce.

The concept imposed itself during a long wait in a hall before meeting with the communication manager of the bank where there was a painting of Paris at the beginning of the XXe century, on which we see cars, monuments. Above all, the whole has a very particular tone and light.

The idea of using this work as the basis for the design of the annual report was not only a good way to make the most of this decidedly long waiting time, but also very logical in style to represent a financial institution. The visual values then being history, heritage, permanence.

Details have been extracted and cropped to illustrate the main sections of the annual report and the left of the table has been kept for the cover of the document.

The use of a renowned photo-engraver made it possible to faithfully reproduce the chroma of the work, which allowed a very modern rendering of an old work, an original and visually effective mix.

For the portraits of the management board we called on the photographer Pedro Lombardi.