Gérald Morales | Designer, Director of everything that starts with the letter W

He is used to working in all types of media and for a wide range of actions, from financial communication to design to the creation of places, from poster campaigns to website design and optimized and tailor-made web services. In addition to the quality of his graphic designs and his know-how on classical communication tools, he has developed an original reflection on new digital media. They remain recent in the world of communication and require a constant process of research and innovation.

Carl Lamerton | branding

I believe that when you want to create a really powerful brand. When I ask a group of people what they do a company they can usually do things like bullet points from a Powerpoint, the 'juicy' stuff is when you ask them questions like 'How do you do what you do?' and 'Why is it important'. This is where I'm going to help you find your way to the world. passion.

Oh and at the end of what I do, I create logos, they are in my mind, it's all about you, so look at your logo and help.